Apache server 2.4.6 hangs after serving requests from Internet Explorer 10/11

Apache 2.4 running on Windows hangs when Internet Explorer 10/11 is used to acces pages on it.


I had a very reproducible scenario: Only the first request to Apache coming from IE would work, all other subsequent requests would hang, in all browsers. As long as I did not use Internet Explorer there did not seem to be a problem, but once that was used everything would hang until Apache was restarted. Strangely enough after I had applied the fix (see below) I reverted it to do some more testing but was not able to reproduce the problem anymore…

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Equals operator not symmetric in IE8?

Today I stumbled on the weirdest bug. It seems that the equals operator (==) is not symmetric in IE8.
Meaning that sometimes, even though a == b yields true, b == a will yield false.
I discovered one such scenario when working on my project Packages JS.

Have a look at my test page. Does your browser handle it correctly?
Please leave a comment here with Browser and OS version and test result. I am curious about other browsers and versions.