I fear the fines more than the virus

Yesterday I came to a realization about the Corona virus. It dawned on me that I actually don’t feel any fear of the virus. Sure I might get sick, but most probably I would also get better again and fully recover, just like I have countless times with the Flu. I am not afraid of Corona. At all. But I do feel fear. Yesterday I realized I am much more afraid of all the measures against Corona than of the virus itself.


I used to take my kids to my mother once a week and we would eat there. We stopped doing this, not because of Corona, but because of pressure from society and the government to only make ‘essential’ journeys. Last week it was mother’s day so we went there anyway and paid her a visit. And I felt this feeling like I was committing a crime or something and I think I was actually risking a fine.

The fine here in the Netherlands for violating the 1,5m rule and the only essential travelling rule are steep. Up to € 400,- , which is well over 10 percent of the median monthly income here. Worse still it seems that it’s not a normal fine, but actually an offence that goes onto your criminal record (!).

Yes, it’s clear as day to me now.

I have ZERO fear for the virus. None whatsoever.

But I am SCARED SHITLESS about what is happening to our society right now.

Are the ‘police state’ conspiracies right after all??

What about you? What are you more afraid of? The Virus or the State?

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