The Breaking Float Bug is back!

Back in september of 2010 I wrote a blog post about the Breaking Float rendering bug I found in WebKit, the rendering engine backing the Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers. In april of 2013 the WebKit team landed a patch which would eventually end up in the browsers relying on WebKit. Case closed right? Well, not quitte…

Blink brought it back


Coincidentally, in the same month that the Breaking Float bug was fixed, Google forked WebKit into a new project called ‘Blink’. And the fix to the Breaking Float bug was not in the fork. Over time, the Chrome browser switched over to using Blink instead of WebKit, bringing back the issue in all it’s breaking glory.

Same bug, different project

I was looking over my old posts when I ended up at my test page and noticed that Chrome was rendering it wrong again. Knowing that Google had forked WebKit I realized what had probably happened and reported the bug again, this time to the Blink project.

Have no fear, The Blink project team is here!

Judging from the comments in the Blink issue report, the issue is being worked on and there is already a fix on the Canary branch of the Chrome browser, so it should hopefully just be a matter of time before we can have our floats on one line again. In the meantime it’s best to use one of the fixes I described in my original post.

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