Windows still doesn’t take no for an answer

This is definitely turning into a series. I just reported recently on Microsoft’s aggressive tactics in pushing their users to upgrade to Windows 10 and today the Redmond-based firm has turned its aggressive campaign up a notch yet again.

Juli is the last month of free upgrades to Windows 10. And Microsoft is reminding it’s users of that with a dialog that asks you to upgrade to Windows 10, that has two big buttons, “Upgrade now” and “Remind me later”.


This seems to be the new pattern here. If you as a vendor want your users to do something, you ask them to ‘do something’, offering the choices ‘yes’ and ‘later’. We don’t offer the choice ‘no’, because that would be silly.

It must be noted that there at least is an option here that equates to ‘no’; the little ‘Do not notify me again’ link in the bottom left corner could qualify as such.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10 yet? What do you think about these kind of dialogs? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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