Chrome doesn’t take no for an answer

And the series continues…

This time it’s Chrome. Chrome is an excellent browser, but some dialogs are weird… And some are not taking no for an answer.

The dialog below asks us whether we want to recover tabs that were opened before the browser crashed. Curiously there is only one button for us to answer…


Hint to Chrome developers: When asked a question (you know, those sentences that end with a question mark), people expect to get multiple options to answer. Yes and No are very common.

I guess the reason the button doesn’t simply say Yes is that that would make it extra painfully obvious how weird this dialog is.

Fun fact: I’ve seen this dialog many times, but I’ve never pressed the button. I always look for the no button, can’t find it and then dismiss this dialog with the teeny tiny little close button.

Do you know good examples of other dialogs that ‘don’t take no for an answer’? Share them in the comments below.


One comment

  1. The little X at the top-right would be your “Nope, not today” button.
    It usually is with many dialogue windows.

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