Listing copyright info in each file

…is just silly.

I found a way to list it for each line!

public class HelloWorld {                  // © 2015-2016, Stijn de Witt
  public static void main(String... args){ // © 2015-2016, Stijn de Witt
    System.out.println("Hello, World!");   // © 2015-2017, Stijn de Witt
  }                                        // © 2015-2016, Stijn de Witt
}                                          // © 2015-2016, Stijn de Witt

(I changed the program twice, but due to using the clearly inferior method of tracking copyright per file, I’m not sure which lines changed in 2016)


  1. It was meant as irony. I noticed big companies just changing all files to update the copyright year… which is wrong as copyright actually expires, which would never happen if you keep updating the year. Google Polymer starter project has a huge copyright notice in each file. They tell you hey it’s easy to get started with this project, and you end up with files in YOUR project saying Copyright Google…. Nice.

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