This post is mostly intended for people who play If you are interested, I love this game. Try it out sometimes!

If you are here, maybe you followed the link because you saw it on my cell. If I was mean to you, sorry! It’s a game. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I helped you, great! ย The game does not have a chat function a.f.a.i.c.t, so maybe we can hang out here. Please use the comments below with care. No foul language please. Thank you!

I’m playing the game a lot lately. I love it and I’ve picked up some strategies that I hope may help you in your game. Got some great strategies of your own? Please share them in the comments and improve our game together!

Free For All mode strategies

To be filled in later

Team mode strategies

Be a team!

How to get help from team mates

You’re in a team, so use that. Your team mates are there to help. However, don’t just annoy someone begging for food. Instead, work with the team for profits all round!

Find a bodyguard

If you are small, life out there is treacherous. Danger is lurking everywhere. Those are the times to be around bigger friends. You might think the bigger the friend the better, but I’ve found that can end up making splitting a difficult decision for them. Instead, aim for that team mate with about triple your size.

Get their attention

Sometimes a team mate does not notice you, but you need their help. Make a circle movement with your mouse. Still not enough? Press w to throw some food their way. That should get their attention!

Be a friend

When you are in the position to help, do so and people will (mostly) remember and return the favor later when it’s the other way around.

How to help your team mates

You can give food to your team mates sure. But there are many more ways you can help each other and these are often more productive.

Be a bodyguard

Sometimes, you are big yourself and you notice a team mate coming towards you that is small, or divided in small cells and is being chased. Be a bodyguard! Throw your weight around to offer shelter for your team mates. Being a bodyguard is actually a pretty sweet deal for both team mates. It’s great to be protected and the bodyguard often ends up getting a nice snack from it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Give food in times of need

Sometimes you see a team mate, about the same size as you, being chased by an opponent only slightly bigger. This is where you can make a big difference! Throw some food towards your team mate and chances are he’ll end up being twice as big. He will show his gratitude by sharing the kill.

Another moment to be generous is when one of your team mates has ended up split, fleeing for his life. Be a bodyguard to him and throw the guy some food. You’ll wish your team mates help you when you are in that position.

Share the kill

In team mode, hunting is often done in big packs. 3 or 4 cells may be chasing an opponent. If you end up being the one that end up with a fat belly, do the right thing. Reward the others in the pack with food pellets.

Experimental mode strategies

To be filled in later


Got some great strategies of your own? Please share them in the comments and let’s improve our game together!


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