Why I don’t trust CNN

Before I start, I’m not a medical doctor and this is not medical advice.

With that out of the way, let me explain why I don’t trust CNN.

I’ve written before about why I don’t trust Reuters. I did a lot of research for that post and it took a long time to write. I’m going to be a bit more lax on this one as doing all this research (unpaid I might add) takes up a lot of my spare time and I have a life to live as well. But of course I will show you the crux of why I don’t trust CNN and give you some hints and links so you can do some research of your own and let you decide for yourself whether you should trust them.

First, a screenshot from some CNN footage that lead me to write this post. It was taken from the video where I saw this footage first, a podcast on Rumble by Russell Brand. If you are looking for some painful truth, watch his channel. I recommend him.

Notice how they call Ivermectin a horse dewormer ? That’s the lie that this post is about. Yes, Ivermectin is ALSO a horse dewormer. However, as I will show later in this post, calling Ivermectin a horse dewormer is framing and lying by omitting crucial facts. CNN lied about two things in their reporting on Joe Rogan having COVID-19 in fact and I will go through both of them in this post.

I could not find the original clip the above screenshot was from on cnn.com. However, I did find this clip on CNN’s channel on Youtube which appears to be the original clip. Apparently CNN doesn’t post all it’s material to it’s own website, which I think is not smart, but hey that’s their choice. Notice how their headline makes 2 claims:

  • Ivermectin is a horse dewormer
  • Joe Rogan praises Ivermectin

Both of these claims are lies, plain and simple. And I will proof this now.

Ivermectin is a horse dewormer

Ivermectin in this context is NOT a horse dewormer. Ivermectin is a working ingredient in many drugs for humans that are prescribed by doctors all around the world and have been for decades. I found documents on the Federal Drug & Food Administration (FDA) website approving drugs with Ivermectin for humans going back as far as 1996 and I’m sure if you dig deep and hard enough, even further. Here’s a sample of what I found:

Let’s have a quick look at one of those so you can see what I’m talking about:

Follow the links to see the full documents and verify that all these drugs contain Ivermectin, are FDA approved, have been for years and even decades and are for HUMANS and NOT for livestock.

Claiming Ivermectin is a horse dewormer is a blatant lie, meant to ridicule the medical experts advocating it’s use against COVID-19 and people like Joe Rogan that are using it.

Joe Rogan praises Ivermectin

Again, a blatant lie. Just watch the clip he posted on Instagram and tell me, where does he praise Ivermectin?

In this clip:

  • Joe Rogan informed us he had gotten COVID-19
  • Told us he used a coctail of medicine to treat it, including Ivermectin
  • Told us he felt a lot better a few days after
  • Told us he had to postpone his show
  • Thanked medical science

He literally says: A wonderful, heartfelt Thank You to modern medicine, for pulling me out of this so quickly .


  • Does NOT tell us he used a drug for livestock
  • Does NOT tell us he used horse dewormer
  • Does NOT praise Ivermectin

So basically, in their headline covering this story, CNN made 2 claims, both of which turn out to be complete lies.

I don’t call that breaking news. I call it propaganda.

Oh and for those of you that think that the New York Times is a quality newspaper that would not resort to similar tactics, they describe Ivermectin as a drug primarily used as a veterinary deworming agent. . They phrase it much better, but they still leave out the simple fact that Ivermectin is a drug for humans that is ALSO used on livestock. In fact, the drug used on humans is a different drug than the one used on livestock. They just both contain Ivermectin. The New York Times is engaging in the same framing and lying as CNN. They just do it with a bit more style.


  1. Oh and as you are reaching for the comment section… I do NOT claim Ivermectin is effective against COVID-19. I have no idea. I’m not a doctor. However I have seen many people that are medical doctors that did make that claim. I’m not sure whether Joe Rogan consulted a doctor before taking all these medications. I sure hope he did. I do not recommend taking any prescription drugs without first consulting a doctor.

    All I’m saying is that by insisting on calling Ivermectin a “horse dewormer” and a “drug for livestock”, CNN is engaging in framing and lying by omitting crucial facts. I’m claiming CNN is giving us PROPAGANDA instead of independant news.

    Now comment away and grill me. 🙂

  2. It seems Joe Rogan claims he did consult with his doctor and that Ivermectin was actually prescribed to him by his doctor. This only makes CNN’s framing that much worse. In a later debate with a CNN figure, that person even admitted that implying that Joe Rogan had used the variant of Ivermectin that is normally used on livestock was wrong and should not have occurred.

    Individuals admit it, but CNN the organization continues to frame Ivermectin this way even though they know better.

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