Why I don’t trust the Dutch press

I wrote previously about why I don’t trust De Gelderlander, CNN and Reuters.

I will have to write way too many articles if I keep naming the media one by one. So today I am just going to collect them all together. I don’t trust the Dutch press. None of them.

This screenshot says it all imho:

All kinds of popular media are telling the public that a new Corona Wave is happening. An ‘explosion in new patients!’ they are screaming. ‘Corona numbers rising!’, ‘A new wave!’ But just look at the data for the date these articles appeared. 7 deaths, 5 new intensive care patients….. I mean just look at the charts! Is that what a Corona Wave looks like???

I find it unbelievable that the Dutch press just keeps juggling numbers to basically conjure up a Corona Wave out of thin air. There is NO Corona Wave. The data clearly shows us that the numbers are LOW compared to the previous period. If 4 October counts as a ‘Corona Wave’ then we have had hundreds of Corona Waves until now…

They just know that the average person will believe the headlines and will not even bother to look at the data. I hope by showing it side by side like this I can make it painfully obvious just how full of shit the press really are.

This is not news. This is PROPAGANDA.



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