Dutch research: Hydroxychloroquine ís effective against COVID-19

It seems Trump was right all along

A study done by Dutch infection specialists Lammers and Groeneveld, among others, both working for the Isala hospital from Zwolle, concludes that when hospitalized patients with COVID-19 are treated with Hydroxychloroquine, their chances of having to be moved to Intensive Care drop by 53%.

Source: Locourant.nl

From the study:

Early treatment with HCQ on the first day of admission is associated with a 53% reduction in risk of transfer to the ICU for mechanical ventilation.

Early hydroxychloroquine but not chloroquine use reduces ICU admission in COVID-19 patients

Health advisor Fauci and the World Health Organization both announced that Hydroxycholoquine is not effective. But this study, 21 months later, proves them wrong.

Now, Donald Trump, who is not a doctor, tweeted about Hydroxychloroquine being effective back in March 2020. That’s 21 months ago:

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains – Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents)…


We can’t read the original tweet anymore, because, in one of the most undemocratic moves the western world has ever seen, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube et al deplatformed the then still president of the United States….

However, we can still read the responses to his tweet and I would urge you to have a look at them because they show just how bad the current situation of aggressively silencing any opposing views has become. Here is a small sample from some replies:

President spreading super dangerous misinformation that will make crisis worse.


Please report this tweet. He is endangering the lives of all Americans dumb enough to believe him. People have already died from this.


This guy thinks someone who is giving out bad medical advice is good for America. Maybe his followers should follow his advice. #NaturalSelection


STOP giving people false hope! You’re putting even more people in danger.


People are habitually calling any opposing views disinformation now. And of course, you should be reported for saying anything out of the norm. Some people actually wish death on any one not agreeing with them. Or are saying that spreading information that we now know was true, was endangering people. Even going as far as to say that Trump was to blame for Corona:

No single person is more responsible for the spread of Coronavirus in the United States than Donald Trump.


Now, given the results of the study showing that the number of patients that have to be admitted to the Intensive Care unit is reduced by 53% when administering Hydroxychloroquine to them, it can be argued that aggressively suppressing Hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment by the FDA, EU and WHO actually cost patients lives.

We now KNOW that all these people tweeting that Trump was a danger, should be reported, and that his followers should die, were WRONG.

It’s 20/20 vision in hindsight of course. But the simple lesson is: leave room for debate and do not aggressively silence any opposing views. It’s simply not good for a healthy debate.

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